Islamophobia: Muslim fashion blogger told on live TV ‘You don’t sound American’

Srinagar: Hoda Katebi, an American with Iranian roots, who is a fashion blogger, was questioned on live TV and told that “she doesn’t sound American.”

Katebi was asked on a local Chicago’s WGN News’ morning show, by host Robin Baumgarten, about her opinion on Iran and nuclear weapons, and was laughed at, when she said that she grew up in Oklahoma.

She was on the show to talk about ‘how to bridge the gap between America and the Middle East through fashion’.

While Katebi was talking about life as a hijab wearing woman in America and what she faced, she was asked by the hosts, “Let’s talk about nuclear weapons,” to which Katebi responded while laughing uncomfortably with, “Okay.”

The hosts went on to say that many of their viewers feel that they ‘cannot trust Iran’ and Katebi responded by saying, “I don’t think we can trust this (America) country… I am a pacifist, I don’t believe in violence.”

Katebi was called for an interview on her book, Tehran Street Style and her blog. It was aired live on January 31.


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