Rajasthan killer Shambhulal Regar who burnt Muslim man in hate crime makes video from jail

In what is being termed as a major “security breach”, incendiary videos that feature Shambhulal Regar, a Rajasthan man jailed after a horrific hate crime, have been recorded inside the Jodhpur Central Jail and circulated.

Regar, 36, has been in jail since December for hacking a Muslim labourer to death in Rajsamand and burning his body, all on camera. Extremely disturbing video clips filmed by his 15-year-old nephew were widely circulated before the police arrested him.

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The two new videos in circulation have Regar repeat his rant against “jihadis” inside what appears to be his jail cell. Wearing a hoodie, he speaks into a cellphone and reads out from a long, hate-filled statement asking Hindus to unite against Jihadis. In one of the videos, he alleges a threat to his life.

He expresses no regrets for his crime. “I couldn’t bear threats to Hindu women. I have ruined my life and I don’t regret it. But I am sad about the fact that the law and the media showed illicit relationship with her and me,” he says. Media reports, exposed how a failed relationship with a minor could have triggered Regar’s chilling crime.

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The Rajasthan police had said Shambhu Lal Regar wanted to kill another Muslim man but ended up hacking and burning alive a 48-year-old migrant labourer in Rajsamand on December 6.

According to Hindi daily LiveHindustan, during interrogation, Regar had told police that Mohammed Afrazul, a resident of West Bengal’s Malda, was not his target but he killed him by mistake.

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The murder on December 6 triggered a India-wide outrage after videos of the incident went viral on social media. He also shot several videos after the murder in which he expressed his hate for Muslims. He was then taken into custody.

As many as 28 policemen and several others were injured after mob went on rampage in Udaipur against the arrest of Shambulal Raigar, psychopath murderer who brutally burnt Muslim man in a hate crime.

Prohibitory orders preventing the gathering of large groups are still in force in Rajasthan’s Udaipur and Rajasamand districts, where mobile internet has also been snapped.

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