Appointment of PDP leader’s son: ‘Can’t children of politicians appear in job interviews, qualify them on merit’

Aroot Madni, son of PDP leader Sartaj Madni

Srinagar: Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) on Saturday came down heavily on opposition parties over launching a ‘malicious and baseless propaganda’ against some of its senior voices regarding the appointment of a senior leader’s son in KVIB.

Appointment of Sartaj Madni’s son, a senior PDP leader has raised eyebrows in all sections of the society while the opposition has accused the government of nepotism.

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In a statement, PDP’s Srinagar district President and Upper House Member Mohammad Khurshid Alam said that those leveling baseless accusations against a veteran political voice of the state are suffering from mental bankruptcy and are making desperate attempts to grab headlines at a time when government’s objective and transparent functioning is hailed by one and all.

Alam said those individuals involved in the hate campaign against a senior PDP leader and veteran politician should come clear about whether the children of those who are in politics have a right to sit in competitive exams and job interviews and qualify them.

“Either these politicians should put forth a clear demand that the children of political leaders should be barred from appearing in any job interviews or they should shun such politics of character assassination and launching malicious and baseless propaganda,” Alam said.

He maintained further that it is a well known fact in the entire state that how the kith and kin of those at the helm in the previous regime have made great fortunes, and how the children of the past ministers were the agents of their fathers in collecting commission or sanctioning work contracts. He said these facts are open secrets in the state of Jammu and Kashmir known to even toddlers.

Alam further said that the PDP has always been prioritizing to make the system incorruptible and transparent, allowing little chances for the dispensation to institutionalize corruption. “We challenge those who level such serious accusations against our selfless leadership to prove a single charge or quit politics,” Alam said.

He added that not a single instance could be proven against the senior PDP voices of taking undue advantages of their positions. “The chief minister in the all India survey done recently figured as the one possessing lowest assets among all the chief ministers of India. The PDP leadership has always stood for the people and their well-being and hasn’t ever undermined the institutions of fair-play,” PDP leader said and added that seeking employment by the sons of these politicians proves beyond doubt that they have not en-massed wealth.

(With inputs from KNS)

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