Produce more children, BJP leader tells Hindus at population control event

Uttar Pradesh BJP MLA Vikram Saini on Friday said Hindus should not stop producing children until a law for population control is passed.

“Until a law on population control comes into existence, my Hindu brothers, you should not stop. You should keep producing babies,” Saini, who represents Khatauli constituency in Muzaffarnagar district, said while addressing a population control campaign programme.

A video of the BJP MLA urging his Hindu supporter to have more children also surfaced on the social media.

He further said that Hindus have accepted the two-child policy, but others have not. ‘The law should be equal for everyone. When we had two children, my wife said we did not need a third one, but I said we should have four to five,’ he added.

Saini is unfamous for making controversial statements. Earlier in January, he had said ‘Hindustan is for Hindus’ while asking Muslims to go to Pakistan.


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