LoC Traders stage protest demanding revocation of banned trade items

Uri: The Salamabad Cross LoC Traders Union (SCLTU) on Monday staged a protest against Trade Facilitation Officer (TFO) accusing him of harassment and ‘imposing ban of certain items’.

The protesters threatened to wind up their business if the government fails to revoke the ban imposed recently on four items.

Hilal Turkie, President SCLTU, said that cross LoC traders are dismayed over the ban on four main items of trade; Pistachio, Jaye Nimaz, Miswak, Charmagaz and Anardana.

He said that TFO, Preet Pal Singh is acting like dictator who is hell bent to impose ban on certain trade items. “His behavior is not up to mark,” he said.

“If authorities do not revoke the recent order all SCLTU traders will close cross LoC trade,” Turkie said.

He said that cancellation of these items has come as a shock to the cross LoC trading community and such reduction of items makes trade difficult.

“Since the trade is barter and it is important to send and receive items to clear the balances among the traders across, such cancellation has reduced the trade substantially and is on verge of closure,” the protesters said and demanded transfer of present Trade Facilitation Officer.

Turkie added that there are apprehensions that banning several products might be a conspiracy to make cross border trade one sided so that it comes to an end.

“Traders are told anything can be exported, but only few things can be imported, we wonder, is all this being done to make the trade one sided, so that it dies of its own,” he said.

When contacted, TFO Preet Pal Singh said that he is only implementing the SOP. “I am only following the directions from authorities. I have no personal animosity with any trader,” he said.


(With inputs from CNS)

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