PDP decides to remove Drabu from cabinet over his ‘Kashmir isn’t a political issue’ statement

Srinagar: The ruling peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) on Monday, while taking a tough stand, decided to remove Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu from the cabinet over his remarks that ‘Kashmir is not a political problem’, which created a storm.

The Greater Kashmir reported that that ruling party has written a letter to Governor NN Vohra regarding this regard.

Speaking at an event themed ‘Kashmir: the way forward’, Drabu asked the people to “introspect” over the nature and origins of the situation in the state and how it can be resolved. “We need to talk to ourselves before we talk to others and this must happen nationally as well,” he said.

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“I will not make a sales pitch here nor will I ask you for investments. That will happen. It will be a consequence of something else which I want to speak about today: your interest in Kashmir and its people, and their lives. For, Kashmir is not just a political problem, but a social issue. Our society has been ravaged and we need to address that first. It is in this we seek your help,” he had said.

Drabu concluded the speech saying, “Don’t see Kashmir as a conflict state; it is not. See it as a society in turmoil and transition which is trying to rediscover its moorings. It is in this that interactions such as this one can help. I am very grateful to the PHD chambers for organizing this event and will go a long way in finding the way ahead.”

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