Kashmiri Journalist Raihana Maqbool named as ‘Journalist of the Month’ by IJNet

Photo Credit: IJNet.

Raihana Maqbool, a journalist from Kashmir has been named as the ‘Journalist of the Month’ by Global body, International Journalists’ Network (IJNet).

Maqbool studied journalism and multimedia production as an undergraduate and then went on to get her master’s in journalism and mass communications.

Talking about challenges of a Journalist, and media censorship in Kashmir, Maqbool says, “if we have any sort of encounter — somebody has been killed or some militant activity — the government shuts the internet down.” IJNet quotes Raihana Maqbool as saying, “I cannot message [my editors], I cannot do anything. I cannot send my story and I cannot meet my sources… That’s not only me, every journalist in Kashmir faces this challenge.”

Maqbool has worked at The Better India, Radio Kashmir and the Hindustan Times before landing her current position as a regular contributor to Global Press Journal. She covers a variety of topics, including education, sports, health, conflict, and women and gender, and takes her own photos for her stories, and is a longtime follower of IJNet.

Beyond censorship and the conflict Maqbool says that “there are many other stories that are much more important than conflict. Yes, we live in a conflict zone and conflict is an important thing that we need to cover. But what about the other stories? They also need to be told.”

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