The Historic Handshake: North Koera’s Kim Jong Un crosses over to South, meets President Moon Jae-In

photo courtesy: Korea Summit Press Pool via AP

On Friday, history was made, when North Korean leader Kim Jong Un crossed over to South Korea and shook hands with President Moon Jae-In.

In a first summit over a decade, the two leaders met in the demilitarized but a heavily fortified zone.

During a private meeting, which lasted an hour and a half, Kim reportedly told Moon he had come to end the history of conflict between the two countries. Kim is the first North Korean leader to visit the South since the 1950-53 Korean War.

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The two leaders, who met on the military demarcation line, were seen shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries. The meeting comes a week after North Korea announced that it has suspended nuclear and long-range missile tests. It also said it would close its nuclear test site. The South, meanwhile, halted propaganda broadcasts ahead of the meeting.

The North Korean leader is scheduled to meet US President Donald Trump in May or June. Trump, who looks forward to meeting Kim, recently said said the developments in the North are “progress for all”. He has also quoted by AP as saying Kim has been “very open” and “honourable”.

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