Entire arsenal of super-powerful weapons will be used if confronted by US, South Korea: North Korea

Kim Jong-un sssues stern directive during New Year’s meeting with army commanders.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has issued a grave warning during a New Year’s meeting with army commanders, declaring that any path of confrontation chosen by the United States and South Korea would prompt the use of North Korea’s “entire arsenal of super-powerful weapons.”

The leader urged the North Korean army to thwart enemy provocations mercilessly, emphasising that in the face of confrontation, a devastating blow should be dealt, resulting in the complete destruction of enemy capitals and military strongholds.

The Central Telegraph Agency (KCNA) quoted Kim Jong-un as saying, “Our army must mercilessly thwart enemy provocations. If opponents choose confrontation, then a crushing blow should be dealt, and the enemy’s capitals and a pack of military gangsters should be completely destroyed.”

This statement amplifies the ongoing tensions in the region, with North Korea taking a resolute stance in response to perceived threats. The international community closely monitors the situation as diplomatic efforts are underway to address and de-escalate potential conflicts.

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