On Waqf Board’s complaint, Gurgaon admin removes encroachments near 19 mosques

On Tuesday, the Haryana Waqf Board in a complain to the Gurgaon Administration had enmarked 22 pieces of land which belonged to mosques that had been encroached upon. On Wednesday, acting upon the complaint,  Deputy Commissioner Chandra Shekhar Khare on Wednesday said encroachments from land near around 19 mosques have been removed.

“We have made free 19 places which were found encroached by dust, fodders, sand or trash in Gurgaon. We have suggested the Waqf board to take action against people who are not ready to vacate its land.

“We will provide whatever help the Waqf board needs. The board can use its power immediately, take its possession and make its land free. We will provide police protection also,” said Chandra Shekhar.

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