What happened in Karnataka happens in countries like Pakistan, says Rahul Gandhi

In his first public address since the Karnataka poll results, Congress President Rahul Gandhi has said that the Constitution is under severe attack and BJP-RSS is capturing every democratic institution in the country.

Referring to the recent happening in Karnataka, the Congress president, who was speaking in Chhattisgarh’s capital Raipur, went on to say that such things “happens in countries like Pakistan”.

He also accused the BJP of corruption, saying that India is not a poor country but that its money is distributed to select few people. Speaking in Chhattisgarh capital Raipur, Gandhi alleged that the RSS is tearing into all institutions in the country.

“The BJP is killing all institutions,” he said.

Claiming that the BJP has been bribing the JD(S) MLAs in an effort to side with them so as to pass the floor test, Gandhi said, “Today the Constitution is being attacked. In Karnataka, on one side, there are MLAs standing and on the other side the Governor. JDS has said its MLAs have been offered Rs 100 crore each,” he said, adding that if the BJP wants to talk about corruption then it should talk about that, or Rafaele deal, or Amit Shah’s son or Piyush Goyal.

Earlier, Congress President Rahul Gandhi and BJP Chief Amit Shah locked horns on twitter as Gandhi termed BJP’s actions in the state as ‘a mockery of the constitution’. Shah responded by saying that what Congress Party has done is ‘murder of democracy’.

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