‘Disgusting that JK despite being Muslim majority does not have a mosque in secretariat premises’

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‘If a temple can exist within secretariat premises, then why not a mosque’

Asks Govt. to construct mosque within Jammu and Srinagar secretariat premises without further delay

Srinagar: Reiterating his demand to construct a Mosque in civil secretariat premises at Jammu & Srinagar, AIP Supremo and MLA Langate Rashid has said that the Government is unnecessarily delaying construction of the mosque in civil secretariat.

“While a temple already exists in secretariat premises at Jammu and nobody has any objection to it, one fails to understand why is majority community being deprived of mosque in Civil Secretariat at Jammu and Srinagar. It is the government which pushes for the communal agenda by denying mosque within secretariat premises.

Rashid asked the government not to ‘unnecessarily delay or avoid construction of mosque’ in civil secretariat at Srinagar and Jammu and said that it is a big issue for majority community of the state and, in light of the fact that Muslims need to pray two times during working hours, depriving them of a place for prayers violates not only the fundamental religious rights but it is against the very ethos of Humanity as well for which majority community has every reason to be upset on.

He added, “It is disgusting that J&K despite being a Muslim dominated state has not a mosque in the secretariat premises. One has a reason to ask if the Muslims are being deprived of their fundamental right to practice their religion while performing their duty in civil secretariat, what is the legal sanctity of having a temple in the secretariat premises at Jammu”. Govt. must end the discrimination without further delay so that rights and sentiments of the majority community are protected.

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