Shun the hypocrisy, either talk peace or declare war, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir tells GoI

‘Behavior of Indian Forces means two things, either army not in control of GoI or Center is lying to us’

The Chairman of Ummat e Islami, Mirwaiz Qazi Ahmed Yasir today addressing a huge gathering in South Kashmir, said that the Indian state has to build a conducive atmosphere for talks, otherwise the dialogue process will be a futile exercise, within none or few on board, not a sentiment.

“Indian state has to at least show Kashmiri people that the dialogue this time around is not merely to contain the ground situation and contain Militancy, but to find a concrete solution to the Kashmir Issue. Otherwise If India wants to talk just because Militancy is Growing, it would be another set back and then it would be tough to find any takers for Dialogue,” Mirwaiz Qazi yasir said.

Addressing the gathering at Jamia Masjid, he said that the inhumane behavior of Indian Forces in Kashmir may be an indication of two things, either the ‘Army is not in control of Central Government’ who have been wanting a ceasefire, talks or it may be that the Central Government is lying to us’.

Detailing the incident of Sugan Shopian, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said, “after vandalizing 100 Houses in Sugan, they did not spare the orchards too, with a clear plan of causing damage to the economy.”

He said a similar incident was repeated in Pulwama’s Gandibagh where the family of a Militant was locked inside and later the house was set ablaze. “Dismantling and vandalizing the grave of Sameer Tiger in Drabgam is nothing, but sheer frustration out of the popularity of the slain Commander,” Mirwaiz Yasir said.

Demanding the immediate release of Sarjan Barkati, Mirwaiz Qazi Yasir said that he is becoming a victim of political vengeance and that he should be released immediately.


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