Israeli PM Netanyahu called for investigation into telecom corruption case

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Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be questioned by the police following a telecom corruption case, one of three cases the minister is currently embroiled in.

Police were spotted arriving at his residence earlier on Tuesday.

On allegation of promoting regulation in one of the top telecom companies, Bezeq, two associates of Netanyahu were arrested. Walla, one of Bezeq’s subsidiary, has produced claims of Netanyahu’s coverage regarding the matter.

Earlier, Netanyahu was questioned in November over two alleged cases of corruption, one of them having received luxurious gifts from wealthy influentials, one of them being his close friend and Israeli businessman, Arnon Milchan.

The items have been recorded to hold a value of over tens of thousands of dollars. However, Natenayhu has rejected such claims calling them ‘a media witch hunt’ and ‘targeted political action’.


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