Have to risk lives to reach workplaces, say babus as attendance shoots to 80% after biometric system

Srinagar: The installation of the biometric system in government offices in Jammu and Kashmir has yielded positive results for the administration. But while some employees are happy with the move, daily uncertainty in the valley pertaining to the conflict makes, some among them worry about times when reaching workplaces is hard.

The decision was taken “to ensure punctuality in the Government Offices/ Establishments.” All the government employees were asked to compulsorily enrol themselves with the Biometric system. Else, they could draw no salary or wages. Since then the officials have been reaching and leaving the offices on time.

After 12 days, the General Administration Department (GAD) issued a statement regarding the status of change in punctuality of attendance in government offices.

“Attendance in the civil secretariat and other offices has witnessed a sudden jump to 80% from 45% since the reinforced inception of the biometric system,” read a statement issued by the GAD.

Substantiating GAD’s report, a government employee working in the Irrigation and Flood Control Department here said, “I am happy with the installation of the system. I am usually punctual. But, some employees never come on time. After the installation of the biometric system, the accountability has increased and now all the employees come to the office on time.”

“Some employees would come at 10.30 and leave at around 2 pm. They would go on leaves without intimating the office. Now they are here at 9.30 and leave exactly on time. While they would say transport is not available on strike days, now they come, despite everything,” he added.

However, other employees told Free Press Kashmir that they will have to reach the offices keeping their lives on risk.

“On some Hartal days, one can manage to go. But, sometimes it’s genuinely not possible. Our lives are at risk if we do or do not go to the office. If we go, the people on strike will get offended and can harm us. If we do not go, the government will cut down our salary. We will eventually die of hunger!” exclaimed another government employee.


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