Armed forces fire tear gas canister into journalist’s room, third incident in a year

Srinagar: Armed forces fired a tear gas canister inside journalist Fahad Shah’s room at his residence in Srinagar Sunday night.

In the recent past, armed forces have resorted to vandalism of houses in civilian localities. Reportedly there were clashes going on between the armed forces and civilians in the locality where the incident took place.

“The shell hit the window, falling straight on the floor of the room, where we sit. It burnt the flooring of the room which could have led to burning down of the entire house,” says Shah’s family member.

Struggling with respiratory medical conditions, Shah’s mother found it difficult to breathe after the incident. This is the second time Shah’s residence has been targeted.

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On June 19, 2018, the armed forces vandalized Shah’s vehicle parked outside his residence in Soura. In that incident, the forces entered the residential area and resorted to breaking window panes and vandalized two cars, despite there being no provocation from the residents whose property was vandalized.

In June 2017, Jammu and Kashmir police had detained Shah.

Shah, is the promoter of The Kashmir Walla – an online news magazine – and writes for various international newspapers and magazines.

Working conditions for journalists in Kashmir are extremely difficult. With journalists facing threats from differnct sides, and their residences vulnerable to the conflict, media professionals don’t just report the conflict but live it.

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