Two teachers for 150 students in a Kargil school

Srinagar: A government middle school in a remote village in Kargil district has only two teachers posted for 150 students.

The school located in the hilly village of Batambis area of Kargil, has been facing the staff shortage for a very long time despite having highest enrolment in the district. The residents say that the school is in dire need of attention as the students face several problems.

Residents said the shortage of teaching staff is taking heavy toll on education of students. Locals said that students do not go to school as there is not even a water facility available.

They added that it becomes extremely difficult for two teachers to control students of eight classes simultaneously and they end up making noise.

The parents of students are equally worried over the state of affairs. They claim the problem has not been addressed despite their repeated requests to the government.

“We are unable to understand that despite so many schemes and slogans to provide education to all, why are the authorities spoiling the future of our children,” one of the local said.

They said that the middle school is functioning without headmasters for the past several months. They said the school is also deprived of math teacher.

The teachers posted in the school said that they approached higher authorities so many times but to no avail.

“We are trying our best by putting in all our efforts to provide education to these poor tribal students. But it is practically impossible to give quality education to all the eight classes simultaneously by two teachers,” one of the teachers said.

Students and local appeal Governor to look into this matter. (PTK)

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