Fikr-i-Shujaat Conference organized in Bandipora

‘Shujaat Bukhari was a symbol of humanism, representative of the unattended nation’

Bandipora:  A galaxy of intellectuals, scholars, and writers on Saturday participated the first Fikr-i-Shujaat Conference: Linguistic and Literary Perspective highlights the thought and ideas of Dr. Sayed Shujat Bukhari. The conference was organized by Literary Forum Bandipora with the sub-theme Perspectives on Language and Literature.

Four papers were presented during the conference emphasizing Bukhari’s thought and idea. Papers were presented by Ghulam Hassan Tair, Sufi Showkat, Gula Tanveer and Mir Tariq.

The conference was presided over by Former General Secretary AMK Muhammad Amin Bhat, while Deputy Commissioner Bandipora Dr. Shahid Iqbal Chowdery was Chief Guest, and Nayeema Mehjoor was the guest of honour. President AMK Farooq Rafiabadi and SSP Bandipora Zulfikar Chowdery have shared the presidium.

While presenting his paper titled Shujaat Bukhari: Ideologue par excellence, Mir Tariq said that Bukhari’s ideology was rooted in Tradition, Goodness, and Honesty.

“Shujaat Bukhari always advocated the goodness and stressed upon the creation of literature of quality to give a shape to the lost identity of Kashmir which is only known to the outside world by the literary and pieces of art,” Mir Tariq said while presenting a paper.

Mir said that the Literary and Linguistic thought of Shujaat Bukhari can be established by uniting the ideological elements of literature prevalent in the nation of unrepresented people.

“The Language and identity have its roots in literature, so Shujaat Bukhari was advocating the strengthening and global relevance of the literature being produced in our society. He always advocated unity, quality, and values while producing pieces of art and literature” Mir said.

Sufi Showakt who presented the paper titled ‘Shujaat Bukhari: Custodian of Kashmir culture, ethos and values’ sad that the crux of Shujaat Bukhari’s ethics and goodness.

“The crux of Shujaat Bukari’s thought is to lay the foundation of any social, economic or political discourse on basis of pure ethics adopted by him during his life time,” Sufi said.

“Bukhari’s ideology was based on a-priori-the good while his ideas of literature or art were rooted in aesthetics. So to develop is though ethics, goodness, and aesthetics should be taken as base “Sufi said.

During the presidential address, Muhammad Amin Bhat said that Shujaat Bukhari was the man of facts who always spoke truth to power.
He said that Bukhari was an intellectual par excellence who always speaks with honesty and self-created opinion.

“Bukhari was a man of facts. He had all the facts and faces on his side but was caught by the mockery and trickery of his enemies, “Bhat said. Terming Shujaat as the public intellectual, Amin Bhat said that Bukhari was the voice of the unrepresented who always spoke truth to power for the welfare of common good.

Chief Guest Dr. Shahid Iqbal Chowwdery said that Shujaat was a man of integrity who always remains committed to his profession with clarity and honesty. Shahid said assured that he will always provide assistance to make any literary event a success whenever and wherever organized in the district.

“Bandipora is the land known for scholasticism and I will always help people who will endeavor to revive such traditional societal traits of the area, “he said.

Noted broadcaster Nayeema Ahmed Mehjoor who was guest of honor on occasion said that Shujaat was a man with a human heart who was always worried about declining social fabric.

Recollecting her memories with Shujaat Bukhari, Nayeema Mehjoor said that Shujhat was always keen to do something good for the Kashmir society.

“Shujaat was always concerned about the degrading social fabric and was always looking for an opening to work for the development of social fabric,”Mehjoor said.

Terming Shujaat as the symbol of Humanism, Nayeema Mehjoor sad that he was a man of caliber who always worked for the unrepresented people beyond his political thought.

“I have seen the first journalist who was keen to do differently in the society where people are caught in between the devil the deep sea. He was a man with a difference with different thinking,” Mehjoor said.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fallahi President Islamic Mission UK also spoke on the occasion while poets G N Zahid, Mubashir Muztaris, Gulshan and G H Tair presented their poetic verses.

Among the others who participated include Vice President AMK Rashid Jawahr, Ahad Hjini, Scholar Adil Mahudin, Mushtaq Sopori,Majeed Majazi, Shokat wani,Firdous Ahmed and other members of AMK Units. Anjum Nissar conducted the proceedings. Mansoor Muntazir presented welcome address while Gul Tanveer presented vote of thanks.

(With inputs from KNS)

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