Not NIA, your own people are destroying PDP: BJP tells Mehbooba

We are not going to form Govt, satisfied with Guv’s rule: Ravinder Raina

Srinagar: A day after Former Chief minister Mehbooba Mufti alleged that New Delhi was threatening her Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) legislators, by saying that the National Investigation Agency (NIA) would start investigations against them if they do not break away from the party, the BJP on Saturday said that there was no need to use NIA for breaking the PDP as “their own people were busy in destroying the party”.

“Mehbooba should understand that before blaming others she should set things right in her own party. “Your own people are busy in destroying your party, why should one need NIA to do so,” BJP’s State President Ravinder Raina said.

Raina suggested Mehbooba to concentrate on her own party affairs rather than blaming others. “Today she said NIA, tomorrow she will say CBI. I think the PDP President should understand that her wrong decisions have created such a chaos in her party.”

He said that the BJP is the party which brings people together and does not believe in breaking people.

The BJP president also rejected reports that his party is luring any MLA from PDP to form a government. “No MLA from PDP or any other political party is in touch with the BJP. I want to make it clear here that we are not going to form government. BJP is satisfied with the Governor’s rule,” the BJP state president maintained.

It is to mention here that in an interview, the PDP President had said, “There are few legislators who have come to me about this NIA thing. I don’t want to name them here. They told me that when New Delhi failed to lure us by money and ministership, then they said ok we have NIA.”

Earlier, Mehbooba had said if New Delhi tries to break PDP, more (Syed) Salahuddins, the United Jehad Council (UJC) chief and more Yasin Maliks, the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief would be born again.

“See, to become a chief minister is not only our family right. Anyone can become chief minister but PDP is an idea which we have brought up after much difficulties. PDP has its own agenda and if BJP feels that PDP is not able to walk with the agenda, they are trying to create a perception that after August 15, they are going to form the government,” Mehbooba said.

The PDP chief said, “How are they going to form the government? They can, only if, they will break the PDP. It means of you are going to break the PDP, you will be repeating the events of 1987, 1984 and 1953.”

Referring to the meeting between the former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and her late father Mufti Muhammad Sayeed, she said Vajpayee announced from the Red Fort that free and fair elections would be held in Jammu Kashmir.

“And if 20 percent came out to vote in the 2002 elections, then its became 40 percent and then 60 to 70 percent. So, people are coming out to vote instead of picking gun and other problems in Kashmir. Now if you are going to break the PDP and make some arrangements here and there to form the government for one-and-a-half-year, how will you answer that voter who has voted for the agenda of PDP, who under the shade of gun votes for NC, PDP or the Congress? Then you are completely eroding his faith,” she said.

“I don’t have a problem who does what if the perception they are creating that if any of the MLAs is not lured by money or ministership then they involve them with NIA. You must also understand that separatists, militants and the mainstream are living together in Kashmir, they are related to each other and are friends with each other as well and when you get NIA in between it is sad.”

(With inputs from KNS)

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