Possibility of plebiscite will be over if Article 35-A removed: Biz Community tells Omar, Rashid

Srinagar: Kashmir Economic Alliance (KEA) Chairman Muhammad Yaseen Khan has sharply reacted to statement of former chief minister Omar Abdullah that “those out to defend Section Article 35-A were tacitly accepting that future of the state lies within the Constitution of India.”

Terming Omar’s statement as “ridiculous and sign of insecurity”, Khan who also heads the Kashmir Traders and Manufactures Federation (KTMF),said at a time when every sane voice was striving for unity on the issue of safeguarding of Article 35 A in all the regions of the state, the former Chief Minister was behaving irresponsibly.

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“Let such voices be reminded that if Article 35 A is revoked, the possibility of plebiscite as promised to the people of Jammu and Kashmir in accordance with the UN resolutions will be over,” Khan said.

Taking a dig at MLA Engineer Rashid, Khan said the lawmaker who supports plebiscite on Kashmir has failed to look at the deadly fallouts of the revocation of the Article 35 A.

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Khan asked politicians like Omar Abdullah and Engineer Rashid to show some maturity and sincerity on the issue linked to collective existence of Jammu and Kashmir.

Khan reiterated his appeal to the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh on need for unity. “Let me remind my fellow people that Kashmir will no more be of Kashmiris, Ladakh no more of Ladakhis and Jammu no more of Jammuites as people from other states will legally snatch our identity if the Article 35 A is revoked,” Khan said.

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