Within seven years, Pakistan might become 5th largest nuclear state: Report

Within the next seven years, Pakistan may become the 5th largest nuclear armed state as it is ‘expanding its uranium-enrichment and plutonium production facilities’, said a report published by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists authored by members of the Federation of American Scientists.

The bulletin also said that Pakistan was also developing several delivery systems. The report added that Pakistan will have around 220 to 250 war heads in the next seven years. The report was published on August 31.

The report first appearted in Jane’s Defence Weekly, a London-based magazine that reports on military and corporate affairs.

“Pakistan continues to expand its nuclear arsenal with more warheads, more delivery systems, and a growing fissile materials production industry… We estimate that the country’s stockpile could… grow to 220 to 250 warheads by 2025, if the current trend continues,” said the 12-page report.

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