‘Use Desi as milk of foreign cows causes aggression, high blood pressure’

Photo Courtesy: Hindustan Times

Milk of foreign cows like Holstein Friesian and Jersey causes aggression and high blood pressure, believes Himachal Pradesh governor Acharya Dev Vrat.

He also advised students to use ‘desi cow’ milk for good health, reported the Hindustan Times.  

He was speaking at the Gorakhnath temple on the subject ‘Importance of cows in Santan Hindu Dharma’ in presence of the Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath.

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Vrat, who has over 300 cows at his 200-acre farm at his native village in Haryana’s Kuruskhetra, shared information about a zero-budget, highly productive indigenous manure, ‘Jeev Amrit’, using cow dung and urine of desi cows. He claimed that the manure increases soil fertility manifold by promoting the growth of earthworms which plough the field naturally.

Following his successful experiment, it has been adopted by Haryana, which has sanctioned Rs 25 crore for training farmers to prepare the manure, he said.

He hailed CM Yogi Adityanath for taking steps for the conservation of cows in Uttar Pradesh.

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