JK govt’s health insurance scheme to benefit a particular corporate company, says Tarigami

Srinagar: The group medi-claim health insurance scheme rolled out by Jammu and Kashmir Government last month for employees, pensioners and accredited journalists has been done to benefit a particular corporate company, said MLA Kulgam Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami.

“What criterion was followed to select the particular company is not known to anybody which has raised serious doubts over the scheme, for which the employees have to shell out Rs 8777 as annual premium,” he said in a statement.

“Before rolling out the policy, the Government should have taken all stakeholders into confidence and made the selection process of the insurance company public. It is totally unjustified and a big burden on employees as the Government has given the contract worth billions to a corporate company without following the set norms. An open bid to select the insurance company on lowest premium must be selected,” he added in the statement.

Tarigami also mentioned that also an equal premium of Rs 8777 for poor class IV employees and IAS Officer in the scheme is also unjustified and unacceptable.

“Government should have taken into consideration the amount of salary received by different categories of the employees while fixing the amount of premium.”

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