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10 Kashmiri kids’ videos that went viral. If you have not watched them yet, do it now!

Kashmiri kids are undoubtedly adorable and witty. With the boom of internet in Kashmir, many videos went viral on the social networking sites authenticating the same.

It started in around 2009 when videos would be made unintentionally.

Unhappy with the way the mainstream Kashmiri media was portraying Kashmir, Kashmiris took it into their own hands, making content of their own. And the kids’ videos were an instant hit.

From fun to religion to politics to innocence, everything was captured. Here’s a list of 10 Kashmiri kid’s videos that went viral in Kashmir.


1. Saba Sana fight

Those were the days, when not many in Kashmir knew about YouTube. A father made a video that all could relate to: siblings fighting!

Even if you don’t understand the language, you will understand the emotions!


2. Chubby Baramulla girl does NOT like to be called ‘Manhoos’ 

The way she talks resembles that of an elderly Kashmiri gossip girl. The chubby face and the innocence will steal your heart.


3. Kashmiri kids explaining Azaadi like pros

The kids can be seen explaining Azaadi (Independence) to an Indian tourist. While they were called ‘misguided kids’ by many, but Kashmiris were all up cheering the replies.


4. Kashmiri girl wants ‘Alle Hatchi Bokkah’ 

Yet another girl in a typical traditional Kashmiri attire can be seen talking on phone, imitating an elderly women.


5. Kashmiri Kid singing Tini tini tini Tiko Piko Tiko Piko

The lisp and sound of instruments he creates will definitely want you to listen to his song again and again.


6. Kashmiri kid counting

The video was recorded by his teacher. The video went viral. While all sympathised with the kid, they cursed the teacher for being too cruel. He had to later face the authorities.


7. ‘Chota Dawoodi’

The kid was filmed giving speeches like the Maulvis in Masajid. It was said that his deliverance resembled that of Maulana Dawoodi.


8. Biker girl Vs Koshur kalle kharaab

The adorable conversation between an Urdu speaking toddler on a tricycle and a Kashmiri speaking boy has our hearts. The Gobb atthe of the father is a bit of an exaggeration though.


9. ‘Attaaaaacking’ the army

The kid can be seen calling Indian Army names and ‘attacking’ them while they seem to be taking it as fun.


10. Kid asking forces to hand him their gun

With the growth in civilian killings and atrocities in Kashmir, the Indian forces are often seen as inhumane villains. When a kid resists them, the video has to go viral!


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