4,00,000 JK Govt staff forced to buy insurance from Modi’s ‘BFF’ Ambani, says Rahul Gandhi

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Saturday took a jibe at Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi for allegedly favouring a private insurance company after Jammu and Kashmir government gave it the contract for executing a government employees mediclaim policy.

“When your BFF is the PM, you can get the 1,30,000 Cr. Rafale deal, even without relevant experience. But wait. There’s more! Apparently, 4,00,000 JK Govt staff will also be arm twisted into buying health insurance ONLY from your company!,” Gandhi tweeted.

Gandhi’s attack comes in the wake of the Governor’s administration in Jammu and Kashmir, through an order No 406-FD dated September 20, 2018, choosing Reliance General Insurance as the company for implementing the insurance policy with a coverage of Rs 6 lakh for individual and family members on floater basis.

The scheme has been made mandatory for all state government employees including employees of PSUs, autonomous bodies and universities. It will be optional for pensioners and other categories of employees.

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