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Instead of poking nose in Afghanistan, India must talk to militant leadership of Kashmir, says Rashid

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Srinagar: New Delhi’s claims that its talks with Taliban along with other stake holders in Moscow to discuss Afghan issue as laughable, AIP President Er. Rashid has said

“On one hand New Delhi accuses various resisting forces including Taliban of being Islamic radicals and calls them threat to world peace but on the other hand engages itself with them and calls the talks non-official. One wonders what New Delhi means by official and unofficial,” Rashid said in a statement.

“While all peace loving quarters must welcome peace efforts in any part of the world, the fact of the matter is that New Delhi is indulging and interested in Afghan matters only to poke its nose as it doesn’t want Pakistan to have good relations with Afghanistan. Talking to Taliban is ample proof that Taliban are not terrorists but the real stake holders in Afghanistan and without their participation no peace can be achieved in the region,” he added.

Rashid asked New Delhi to introspect and answer if it can talk to Taliban why not to united Jihad Council and other militant groups who are sacrificing their lives only to see Kashmir issue getting resolved.

He said “Before caring about Afghanistan New Delhi must take care of sufferings of people of J&K, who have been facing the worst state terrorism since last 30 years. Talking to Taliban and justifying the talks by calling them unofficial and at the same time calling pro- resistance groups in Kashmir as proxies of Pakistan is enough to find contradictions in New Delhi’s policies. It would be better for New Delhi to invite militant leadership of J&K and Pakistan for the talks if it is really interested in bringing stability in the entire region”.

Rashid added that by calling the deliberation the Taliban unofficial, New Delhi intends to mislead its masses as till now New Delhi has been throwing venom against Taliban, but it is the proper time for all the stake holders in the South Asia to make much needed changes in their policies so that burning issues of Kashmir and Afghanistan are resolved.


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