In Jammu, Hindu Right Wing leaders say growth of Muslim colonies, a concerted effort to change Jammu demography

File Photo of Hindu groups' advertisement in a leading newspaper targeting Muslims Rohingya Refugees.

Srinagar: A group of Hindu Right Wing leaders and supporters gathered in a seminar for ‘The Save Jammu Crusade’ organised by a social media group Shanknaad, on Sunday, had said that the growth of Muslim colonies in and around Jammu was a concerted effort to change its demography.

The seminar ‘IkkJutt Jammu Maha Adhiveshan’ was organised by Shanknaad, a social media group comprising of ‘patriots’ and ‘Hindu Nationalists’ known to spread communal hatred.

Speakers who were invited to the event included Hindu Right Wing leaders: Controversial writer Madhu Purnima Kishwar and Activist Sushil Pandit.

The issues of discussion included, “Mehbooba Mufti’s 14th Feb Secret order against Jammu, Article 35-A/ 370 in Supreme Court, Demographic Invasion on Jammu Province; Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christians As Minority in Supreme Court, Roshni Act in High Court, 25000 Crore Roshni Scam in High Court, Cases Against Corrupt Ministers in High Court, Rassana Case in Supreme Court, Pathan Court and on Ground; Cases against PSC and JK Bank frauds and Reversal of Hindu Genocide in Kashmir.”

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According to a report in Daily Newspaper Rising Kashmir, IKKJUTH Jammu’s chairman Advocate Ankur Sharma, in his speech had called for unity among Hindus to fight alleged “Islamic invasion” in Jammu. It also quoted Kishwar as saying, “There is need to take emergency steps in Jammu, otherwise Kashmir situation will be repeated in Jammu.”

She had also demanded the political reorganization of Jammu, Kashmir, Ladakh into separate States, with the creation of a homeland for displaced Hindus in the Valley.

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“Kashmir Pandits are examples of how they were pushed out of Kashmir. They (Muslims) have declared demographic war on Jammu. You see, how Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar and Bangladeshis have settled in Jammu, while people from other states are not being allowed to live in. Forests are being encroached as they have been given free hands,” she said adding that Jammu was defamed in Kathua rape and murder case resulting in hurt sentiments of Jammu residents.

She wrongly said that Jammu had only three Muslim Mohallas and three Masjids. “But now many Muslim colonies have come up across Jammu. There is an effort to establish Muslim colonies around Jammu, and enclaves have been established in a planned manner.”

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“When an area becomes Muslim majority, Hindus face difficulties. We have seen this in Kashmir where Kashmiri Pandits, who were a tiny minority, were forced to leave the Valley,” she said.

Activist, Sushil Pandit, during his speech had cautioned the people of Jammu to remain vigilant “against this demographic assault happening through the connivance and blatant state sponsorship.”

The report also quotes Prof. Hari Om saying a “strong demographic assault has now been unleashed upon Jammu”.

“People of Jammu, who have been the front-line of India’s defence of the Northern Frontiers, would defeat the Islamo-fascist pincer and not only redeem Jammu and Kashmir but also entire India,” Om had said referring to Jammu as ‘modern-day Kurukshetra’.

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Jammu based Professor Hari Om, who according to his twitter profile is a Social Activist and a historian dosen’t shy away from calling an Article of the Indian Constitution as ‘Islamist’.

His pinned tweet says:

The ‘Professor’ also believes that the gruesome Kathua-Rape and murder of a nine year old nomad girl was a ‘political conspiracy hatched by Jihadi Mehbooba in order to help Pakistan annex Rasana forests!

In the event, MLA Udhampur Pawan Gupta, in his speech, had said that Jammu needs to come together to fight the “ongoing Jihadisation and demographic assault”.

He had claimed that laws like Article 35A and 370 should be abrogated and the “state should be fully integrated with the nation”.

Dr Ajay Chrungoo claimed that subversive “machinations have been employed ever since 1947 to create a Muslim State of Jammu and Kashmir in a secular India”.

He said that special status conferred to Jammu and Kashmir by way of Article 370 and Article 35-A were constitutional arrangements for such subversion.

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“Non-Muslims living in the state, in fact, witnessed helplessly the unfolding of a compact between the State of India and the Muslim leadership of Kashmir in which they were relegated to a subject people.”

While Shanknaad members call themselves “social activists based across the globe working together towards a common goal: Bharat” claiming “to wish to see a Bharat of virtues without any corruption or separatism, a nation of socially uplifted classes, protected minorities, harmony among sects and beliefs, rights for the people, emancipated women and freedom for all,” netizens blame them for spreading communal violence against minorities ‘using traditions as a tool’.

Answering a question posted on Quora regarding what Shanknaad is, a netizen Vinay Gopal had written, “After Delhi Court announced ban of firecrackers, this page (Shanknaad) continuously started posting about how crackers should not be banned, and it is supposedly part of our tradition.”

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“When I commented on a few of their posts saying that Diwali is more of the festival of lights and not necessarily a festival to burst crackers and pollute their environment. Since I was taking a realistic approach about a religion, they banned me from their page,” read the answer.

“If they were really for a pro-Bharath democratic movement, the first thing they should be supporting is free speech for everyone. Not just for people who align with their views,” Gopal had added.

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