Indian army man posts video of Kashmiri girls on Tik Tok without consent, evokes sharp criticism on social media

The girls carrying vegetable baskets seem clearly annoyed by the man filming them 

Srinagar: A video of two Kashmiri girls walking has been posted on the social networking site Tik Tok by an unidentified personal of the Indian Armed Forces.   

The 15 second video has evoked sharp criticism as it has been shot without the consent of the two girls, which is clearly visible. The age of the girls cannot be verified, but they do not visibly look adults. 

In the video armed forces man can been seen shooting the video of the girls, who are carrying vegetable baskets and the action is clearly annoying them. 

The video has evoked sharp criticism on Social Media and the aghast users shared anguish and anger.

Kashmir based news organisation The Kashmiriyat verified the account of the user and found that the same armed forces personnel had posted a video atop a Casspir vehicle of the Indian Army which is mostly used during the anti-militancy operations.

However, the location of the video could not be immediately verified. 


Note: The video has been removed from the website after being reported

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