Abdullah calls EMVs ‘Chor Machines’, asks election commission to do away with them

Srinagar: Addressing the ‘United India’ rally in Kolkata, National Conference patron Farooq Abdullah called Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) as ‘chor’ machines and said opposition leaders must urge the poll panel to do away with them.

During his address, he accused the BJP government of dividing people on basis of caste and religion. “I am Muslim and I am a Kashmiri, but I am very much a part of this country like everyone else,” he said.

He also said, ‘People are being divided, on basis of where they come, their religion. Fires are being spread in Assam in North East. We have to sacrifice, before asking people we should lead by making sacrifice. Every community will have to make sacrifices. Look at Jammu and Kashmir. At what state has it been left in. People are being killed everywhere. And it is said that they are Pakistanis, they are traitors,”Abdullah said.

Earlier, former senior BJP member Yashwant Sinha during his address said that said that the event is not against ‘one man but the ideology of the current government.’

“The rally is not about removing one man from power, we came together to defeat an ideology. We know that whatever has happened is a danger for our democracy,” Sinha said while addressing the mega opposition rally.

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