14 AMU students booked for sedition after Republic TV’s journalist alleges ‘heckling’ on campus

Fourteen students of Aligarh Muslims University (AMU) in Uttar Pradesh were booked for sedition after they were involved in a confrontation with journalists from the Republic TV news channel. The complaint against the students was made by BJP Yuva Morcha, according to a report by Scroll.

The police filed a FIR against the accused.

The incident came to light on Tuesday evening, when a student accused a Republic TV crew, who was shooting on campus, of dubbing the college as a “university of terrorists” in an attempt to elicit a reaction, in a tweet.

In response, the Republic TV staffer Nalini Sharma called the accusations ‘lies’ and said that she had done nothing to provoke the students.

Following the incident, the university administration filed two separate complaints with the police one against the journalists for entering the campus without permission and the other against unidentified miscreants for indulging in arson and unlawful activities, The Indian Express reported.

Hamza Sufyan, the vice president of the students’ union, told The Indian Express, said that fracas had erupted during a student event about oppressed sections of the society. “The reporters from Republic TV did not have permission to cover the event or enter the university premises,” Sufyan said. “When they were stopped by the proctor, they misbehaved with university officials and got into a confrontation, raising objectionable slogans calling AMU a ‘university of terrorists’.”

Questions were also raised on Twitter following Nalini’s post, with several asking what she was doing in the campus if she claimed to have not been reporting about the university.

Salil Tripathi, a writer for livemint, among others said: “If you were reporting a story that had nothing to do with AMU then why were you at its campus?”

Republic TV staffer Sharma said: “Some journalists are reporting ‘versions’ of students saying that reporters were calling AMU students ‘terrorists’,” she tweeted. “Nothing can be further away from the truth! Anyone interested in confirming for themselves can watch Republic’s live report around 1.30 pm when the whole incident began.”

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