Jamaat responsible for formation of Hizbul Mujahideen, its ‘militant wing’, says GoI

The Government of India has said that Jamaat-e-Islami (JK) is responsible for the formation of Hizbul Mujahidden, which is the biggest militant organization active in Jammu and Kashmir.

GoI also said that the organization is also responsible for ‘propagation of separatist and radical ideology and the organization has nothing to do with Jamaat-e-Islami.

The Government of India also said that the organization in 1953 enacted it s own constitution.

The ban order said that the JeI has been “indulging in activities which are prejudicial to internal security and public order and (have) potential of disrupting the unity and integrity of the country”.

The order said that the Government of India is of opinion that the JeI is in “close touch with militant outfits and is supporting extremism and militancy in J&K and elsewhere”.

The organisation, the order reads, “is supporting claims for secession of a part of the Indian territory from the Union and supporting militant and separatist groups fighting for this purpose by indulging in activities and articulations intended to disrupt the territorial integrity of India”.

“JeI is involved in anti-national and subversive activities in the country intended to cause disaffection,” the order reads.

It said the GoI is further of the opinion that “if the unlawful activities of JeI are not curbed and controlled immediately, it is likely to escalate its subversive activities including attempt to carve out an Islamic State out of the territory of Union of India by destabilising the government established by law; continue advocating the secession of J&K from the Union of India while disputing the accession of the state with the union”.

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