NZ Mosque massacre: Death toll mounts to 49, at least 48 injured

picture credits: New Zealand Herald

In the worst terror attack of New Zealand, forty-nine people have been killed and 48 more hurt, reported the New Zealand Herald. 

According to the report, anxious family and friends are pacing outside Christchurch Hospital, waiting for news of injured loved ones. Wailing and crying can be heard at intervals, as people learn their friends will not be coming home.

“We just got some very bad news,” said Mahdi Zougub, as his friends hugged nearby. “We think our friend… we think he’s gone. There’s a lot of emotion.”

According to the report, Zougub, 22, said he was on his way to the Deans Ave mosque when a friend called and told him about the shooting. He wasn’t allowed inside.

“I could see dead bodies. Now we are just waiting to hear the story with our missing ones. We just want to go in and find them.”

One of the terrorists, an Australian, livestreamed the shooting at Al Noor Mosque in chilling 17-min video. In the video, he can be seen shooting indiscriminately at people inside the mosque. The terrorist can been seen changing magazines of his gun and shooting the dead over and over again.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand  Jacinda Ardern has called it an unprecedented terrorist attack.

Earlier, Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison said that hooting in Christchurch was carried out by “an extremist, right-wing, violent terrorist” who was an Australian-born citizen.

Moreover, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan while reacting over the massacre in New Zealand said that the act reaffirms the fact that ‘terrorism has no religion.’

He further added that these acts are happening due to increased Islamophobia post 9/11.


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