Pakistan won’t come near LoC once Rafale jets come in, says India’s Air Chief Marshal

India’s Air Chief Marshal B.S. Dhanoa has said that once the Rafale jets come in, Pakistan won’t have an answer to the Indian capabilities.

Speaking to the news agency ANI, “When the Rafale comes in, the deterrence of our air defence will increase manifold. They [Pak] will not come anywhere near the LoC or the border, with the kind of of capability that we will possess, for which presently they [Pak] don’t have an answer.”

Recently, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has said that, during the recent escalation between India and Pakistan, ‘if we had Rafale Jets, no one on the other side would have survived’. 

“If the Indian Air Force had the Rafale today, the situation would have been different, but some people do not have it in them to understand this,” Modi said, adding “When I say this, they question the Air Force strikes.”

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