Goli will be responded with Gola; Will not allow two PMs in India, says Amit Shah

BJP president Amit Shah on Wednesday said that Kashmir is an integral part of India and it would continue to remain so as long as the party remains.

Shah’s remarks came in response to National Conference leader Omar Abdullah’s recent suggestion of having a separate prime minister for Kashmir.

“No one can take away Kashmir from us. As long as the BJP exists, Kashmir will continue to be an integral part of India,” Shah told the rally in western Maharashtra.

“We will never allow two prime ministers in India,” Shah said. The Congress wants to separate Kashmir from India, he added.

Abdullah’s comment that Jammu and Kashmir bargained for a separate Prime Minister and President and hopefully they would have it, has also drawn a strong response from Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, who demanded during a series of poll rallies that the Congress explain its ally’s comment.

“India is the land of Shivaji Maharaj and its security is responsibility of us all,” Shah said.

On Pakistan, Shah said, “if there is a goli (bullet) from there, India will send a gola (bomb) from here.”


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