Every religion has their own terrorist, Hindus cannot claim sanctimony, says Kamal Hassan

Actor turned politician Kamal Haasan has said that every religion has its own terrorist and Hindus cannot claim that they are sanctimonious. Hassan rally in Trichy was pelted with stones.

Recently Haasan had said that the free India’s first terrorist was a Hindu and his name was Nathuram Godse.

Godse assassinated Mahatma Gandhi.

“I feel the quality of polity is going down. I don’t feel threatened. Every religion has their own terrorist, we cannot claim that we are sanctimonious. History shows that all religions have their extremists,” Haasan said.

His comments created a stir in the BJP and an FIR was registered against Hassan. He however added that his arrest will create more problems.

Moreover, reacting over Hassan’s comments BJP’s candidate from Bhopla Sadhvi Pragya Thakur had said that Nathuram Godse, who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi, was a “deshbhakt” (patriot) and will remain so forever.

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