Kashmir issue ‘a myth’ created by Congress, National Conference, says Jitendra Singh

Union Minister Jitendra Singh has said that the ‘Kashmir issue is a myth’ created by the Congress and the National Conference who have vested interests in the region’s electoral vote.

Singh added that JK is just like any other state of the Indian union.

“There is no such issue as “Kashmir issue” and the political leaders who try to rake it up have a deep rooted selfish interest in creating an issue out of non-issue, in order to hoodwink the innocent masses of Kashmir, he said while talking to the Press Trust of India.

“The so-called Kashmir issue is a political myth created by the Congress, the National Conference and other such political groups for their vested interest,” Singh added.

“The biggest evidence of hypocrisy on the part of the Kashmir-centric leaders is that they underplay the fact that even though Jammu and Kashmir has a separate Constitution of its own. The Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir itself states that it is an integral part of India,” the minister said.

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