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FACT CHECK: Did Pakistanis say ‘we don’t want Kashmir, give us Virat Kohli’?

After the India-Pak cricket World Cup match where India dealt a crushing defeat to Pakistan, social media has been abuzz with memes and jokes about the terrible performance of the Pakistan team.

Pakistani skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed has been trolled online for yawning in a high tension game, while India had crossed the 300 run mark.



While most of it was in good humour from Pakistani cricket fans trolling their own team, fake news factory from the Indian side after the match resorted to a different kind of social media play.

A picture shared by an anonymous social media handle by the name of Ibn Sina, showed a group of people (presumably Pakistani) asking for Virat Kohli in exchange for Kashmir. (Yes, we are not making this up).

The profile has an image from the internet for a display picture, and claims to be a Kashmiri Muslim “but not less than a Hindu”.

“My religion is Islam but my culture is Hinduism,” the bio reads.

Madhu Kishwar, who claims to be a “Factarian” and a “Founder human rights organisation” did not miss the opportunity to jump the gun.

The image however, is doctored, and has been used by another twitter account by the name of @SirRavindraJadeja back in 2017. The account stands suspended for spreading fake news.

Here is the real image.

After being called out on social media for sharing a doctored image, Kishwar defended herself.

But this is not the first time this is happening. Kishwar is known for spreading fake news, propaganda, and hate in the past as well.

She was recently called out by the Jammu and Kashmir Police for misleading the public on the Kathua rape and murder case where she defended the rapists, and claimed police was not doing their duty in an unbiassed manner.

After being called out, she chose to defend herself again.


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