Priyanka Gandhi stopped from visiting families of 10 killed over land dispute in UP

The congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was prevented from going into a village in Sonbhadra where 10 people were killed in a shootout this week over a land dispute,after Section 144 was imposed, as reported by NDTV. The Congress general secretary has targeted the state’s BJP government and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath for “lawlessness” in UP.

As she refused to move from the spot where her convoy was stopped, Priyanka Gandhi was taken away in a government vehicle. “I don’t know where are they taking me, we are ready to go anywhere,’ she said.

“I only want to meet the affected families, whose members have been mercilessly shot dead. A boy of my son’s age was shot at and is lying in hospital. Tell me on what legal basis I am stopped here,” Priyanka Gandhi told NDTV.

The Congress leader said she had been told she can’t drive from Varanasi to Sonbhadra. “I am sitting peacefully, can someone please show me the order,” she said.

Ten people were killed and 28 injured on Wednesday when they resisted an attempt by the village headman and his supporters to take possession of 90 bighas of disputed land in Sonbhadra district’s Ghorawal area. A total of 29 people have been arrested so far and the village head Yagya dutt, his brother and others were charged under the SC/ST Act on the plea of a local named Lallu Singh.

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