Women can avoid caesarean deliveries if they drink water from Gaurd Ganga, says BJP lawmaker

A BJP lawmaker and Uttarakhand’s party chief has said that woman can avoid caesarean deliveries if they drink water from Garud Ganga (a river in Bageshwar, Kumaon).

Ajay Bhatt was speaking in the Lok Sabha on Thursday when he said only few have heard about the medical properties of Garud Ganga’s water. He also stated that stones from the river if rubbed on snakebite wounds can save lives.

Talking about the powers of the sacred river, Bhatt claimed that pregnant woman with complications can get relief by drinking one cup of Garud Ganga water.

As per a Times of India report said someone from Kakdighat, where Swami Vivekananda meditated told him that he was scared to enter his house because a snake was stuck in the rat trap. His family was afraid of being bitten by it.

Bhatt added that he told him about a village saint who has stone from the banks of Garud Ganga river and asked him to get the same to his house. He said the man followed his advice and in few minutes, the trapped snake crawled out of the house.

Bhatt was speaking on the central council amendment (homeopathy) bill. He said, “Rub the stone of Garud Ganga, mix it with water and make the patient drink it. There will be no need of caesarean deliveries.”

Recently, a BJP lawmaker from India’s Uttar Pradesh had said that Muslim men keep “50 women” and father “1,050 children”, calling this an “animalistic tendency.”

The MLA Bairiya constituency Surendra Singh reportedly said this when reporters asked him to comment on the marriage of Bareilly BJP MLA Rajesh Mishra’s daughter Sakshi and Ajitesh Kumar.

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