Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg uses BJP Leader Kapil Mishra’s speech as reference for Hate Speech

After US president Donald Trump’s audio asking governors to “dominate” the #BlackLivesMatter protesters went viral, many have been calling out the presidents tweets and posts which seem to glorify police brutality.

Micro blogging site Twitter recently fact checked Trumps tweet, which led him to criticise social media.

Regarding how to handle Trump’s controversial Facebook posts that some see as a glorification of violence against American protesters, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg led a meeting with 25,000 of his employees to address the issue.

“And there have been cases in India, for example, where someone said, ‘Hey, if the police don’t take care of this, our supporters will get in there and clear the streets.’ That is kind of encouraging supporters to go do that in a more direct way, and we took that down. So we have a precedent for that,” Mark Zukerberg said.

The quote has been accessed through a leaked audio of the interaction, which was held amid a churn at Facebook over what is seen as the social media giant’s failure to flag or take down controversial posts made by US President Donald Trump with respect to the ongoing #BlackLivesMatter protests.

Zuckerberg appeared to be referring to a speech made by BPJ’s Kapil Mishra before the attack on Muslims in Northeast Delhi, which killed over 40 people.

The attack happened as protests against the Citizenship Amendment Bill were ongoing during Donald Trump’s visit to India.

Trump was in the country to meet India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi is also from the BJP which is seen as a Hindu extremist party, glorifying Hindutva.

Mishra had addressed his supporters in Northeast Delhi at a rally where he gave a “three-day” ultimatum to the Delhi Police to get the roads cleared of anti-CAA protesters.

In a video he shared on social media, he was heard saying, “We will maintain peace until (US President) Donald Trump is in India. After that, we refuse to listen to even the police if the roads are not cleared…. we will be forced to hit the streets,” he is heard saying in the video.

The development comes in the backdrop of protests that are raging in the United States over the murder of Black American George Floyd.

The protesters identifying themselves with the #BlackLivesMatter movement are demanding justice for George Floyd and an end to police brutality against blacks in America. The movement against systemic discrimination and marginalisation of Black Americans has reignited after the killing of Floyd.

Floyd, a Black American died after a police officer strangulated him by pushing his knee over the man’s neck.

The video which was caught on the camera has created an uproar. Violent protests have broken out across the country against police brutality.

As many as 40 cities and Washington D.C. across the United States have imposed curfews in response to the continuing protests.

Micro blogging site Twitter too showed support by adding the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter to its official handle.

News Channel CNN’s correspondent Omar Jimenez was arrested by police while reporting live on air, covering the protests. Jimenez had just shown a protester being arrested when about half a dozen white police officers surrounded him. Jiminez is also a Black American.


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