After US based ‘Sikhs for Justice’ calls for Referendum, Kashmiri Sikh activists disassociate themselves

Say we follow leadership of SAD Simran Jeet Singh Maan and Dal Khalsa 

Srinagar: After a United States based Sikh community, Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) issued a “Referendum 2020” seeking an independent Sikh nation, Kashmiri Sikh activists have disassociated themselves from it, saying that the propaganda online has no representation on the ground.

Kashmiri Sikh activist Angad Singh Khalsa said that the the Sikh leadership has already dissociated itself from the “problematic stand of Sikh for Justice” and there is “no question” of Sikh youth in Kashmir supporting it.

He said that if the statement would have been given by the Dal Khalsa or SAD Maan, the youth would have surely followed the same, however, when the leadership has already boycotted the “false propaganda”, this call from abroad does not impact the organization and its followers.

He added that Kashmiri Sikh youth are “in support of Khalistan in a political and democratic set up under the leadership of SAD Simran Jeet Singh Maan and Dal Khalsa and would never pay attention to propaganda”.

Earlier, Dal Khalsa had termed Sikhs for Justice’s call for Referendum 2020 “misleading” and enough to create “illusion” among Sikhs seeking a homeland.

Ealier this month, Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) had launched its much-publicised online voter registration for ‘Referendum 2020’ for people in Punjab through a Russian portal.

The Ministry of Home Affairs had in July last year banned the SFJ for advocating Referendum 2020, an online campaign to demand Khalistan, which seeks a separate homeland for the Sikhs.


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