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Indian geniuses blame Kashmiri Muslim religious procession for ‘coming in the way of pellet guns’

After a Muslim procession in Kashmir was showered with pellets in Srinagar, pictures of Kashmiri Muslim Mourners performing their religious duties in the month of Muharram went viral on the Internet, with their faces swollen and backs bruised, there has been outrage and condemnation.

However, some prominent low-lifes could not stand without attempting to justify the excesses and blame the victims for their own victimisation.

“Pellet guns have a range, Stay out of the range,” wrote one stenographer from a propaganda company.

Another hatemonger who has been caught lying on several occasions, has again resorted to fake news, terming the religious procession as wanting “freedom” which the Indian forces “gave him”.

Some stupid analogies by an internationally acclaimed hate-speech handle were also made.

While others resorted to whataboutery and preffered to talk about Sweden.

The tweets come as authorities in Kashmir have imposed restrictions in parts of Kashmir to disallow the religious Muharram processions.

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