Fortnight after snowfall, locals ferry patient on stretcher for 5kms to hospital

Kupwara: Braving the bone-chilling cold, people in Hangnikoot village of Villgam Handwara on Thursday morning carried a woman patient on a stretcher to a hospital, some five kilometres from her residence.

The woman, according to locals, developed some pregnancy-related complications in the morning after which her husband, Farooq Ahmad Teedwa, sought help from neighbours and relatives.

The woman was wrapped in a blanket and put on a stretcher. Later, men ferried her on shoulders and walked five kilometres to a health-centre in Taratpora.

The road, locals said, remains snow-bound as authorities failed to remove snow.

Most of the villages in higher reaches of Ramhall and villgam. Mawer and Rajwar Handwara are still cut off as most of the roads are awaiting snow clearance.

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