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2,543 COVID violators fined, 187 arrested, 97 FIRs registered in Kashmir

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Srinagar: In the last 24 hours, police claimed to have arrested 187 persons, lodged 97 FIRs, and also realized a fine to the tune of Rs 3, 09,140 from 2,543 people throughout the Kashmir valley for violating the various guidelines regarding COVID, police said on Saturday evening.

The special drive against the violators of COVID continued throughout all the districts of Kashmir Valley to ensure that people adhere to SOPs/guidelines envisaged by the administration to curb the COVID pandemic.

Community members are once again requested to cooperate with the police in containing the spread of Coronavirus by following protocols for their own safety and for the safety of others, the police statement mentioned. The special drive shall continue throughout the districts of Kashmir Valley to strengthen the safety measures.

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