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Power Dept issues curtailment schedule for Srinagar, both metered and non-metered areas to face power cuts from tomorrow

A child being taught under candle light amid power curtailment in Kashmir. [File Photo]

Srinagar: The Kashmir Power Distribution Corporation Limited (KPDCL) on Monday issued a fresh power curtailment schedule for Srinagar in winter period with effect from November 15.

The KPDCL in a fresh curtailment schedule stated that the metered areas will face 4 ½ hours curtailment every day.

As per the new schedule, the metered areas will face curtailment of electricity for one and a half hours in morning, afternoon and evening each.

However, the non-metered areas will face curtailment for the period eight hours in a day.

The non-metered areas in Srinagar will face two hour curtailment in morning while there will be three hour curtailment each in day and evening.

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