China is adopting same principle with India as Russia is with Ukraine: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi. [File Photo]

New Delhi: China is adopting the same principle with India as Russia is with Ukraine, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said on Monday, saying it is threatening to alter India’s boundaries.

He also claimed that the Sino-Indian border conflict has a link with a weak economy, a confused nation without any vision, hatred, anger and the Chinese sitting in Indian territory, PTI reported.

“Essentially, what the Russians have done in Ukraine is that they have said we do not want Ukraine to have a strong relationship with the west and they have basically told the Ukrainians that if you will have a strong relationship with the west, we will alter your geography,” news agency quoted Rahul Randhi as saying.

The politician was further quoted saying, “That is the exact same principle that can be applied to India. What the Chinese are saying to us is that be careful with what you are doing, because we will alter your geography. We will enter Ladakh, we will enter Arunachal (Pradesh), and what I can see is them building a platform for that type of an approach.”

Gandhi made the comments during a conversation with film actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan.

The Congress leader has shared the video of his conversation with Kamal Haasan on YouTube.

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