India issues notice to Pakistan for modification of Indus Water Treaty

Indus river from Karokaouram highway. [Photo: Wikimedia]

Pakistan’s “intransigence” on the implementation of the Indus Waters Treaty (IWT) of September 1960 prompted India to notify Pakistan on January 25 that the IWT needed to be modified, NDTV reported quoting sources.

According to the terms of the agreement, the notice was issued to Islamabad through the appropriate Indus Waters Commissioners.

The report said the measure was required because Pakistan has been refusing to talk about and settle the dispute over India’s Kishenganga and Ratle Hydroelectric Projects for the last five years.

India is requesting changes to the treaty to make it simpler for Pakistan to engage in intergovernmental negotiations and correct the “material breach” of the IWT within 90 days.

“India has always been a steadfast supporter and a responsible partner in implementing IWT in letter and spirit. However, Pakistan’s actions have adversely impinged on the provisions of IWT and their implementation, and forced India to issue an appropriate notice for modification of IWT,” the report quoted the sources further saying.

Indus Waters Treaty, treaty, signed on September 19, 1960, between India and Pakistan and brokered by the World Bank. The treaty fixed and delimited the rights and obligations of both countries concerning the use of the waters of the Indus River system.

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