Mother, father, and teacher—A Kashmiri child’s ode to life

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Poetry is my hobby. I love poetry because it helps me to share my feelings, my thoughts and opinions regarding things I feel strongly about. I write about how I feel for my teacher, mother, and what life is all about.

I try to emphasize the importance of a mother, father, and a teacher in everyone’s life, especially for a special child like me. The role of a parent or a teacher in everyone’s life is important. But for a special child, it is more important. I’ve tried to pay a small tribute to them in the form of a few poems below. 

Mother’s Love

A mother’s love, a precious gem,
so rare, so pure, so true.

A light that shines, a guiding star,
for all her children too.

She gives her all, without a thought,
with every breath she takes.

Her heart so big, her love so bright,
her spirit never breaks.

She holds us close, with gentle arms,
and wipes away our tears.

She listens when we need a friend,
and calms our deepest fears.

She teaches us to be strong and kind,
to stand up for what’s right.

She shows us how to love and live,
with grace and courage bright.

A mother’s love, it knows no bounds,
it’s more than words can say.

It’s a warm embrace, a gentle touch,
that guides us every day.

So here’s to all the mothers out there,
who bring such joy to our lives.

We thank you for your love and care,
and all the sacrifices.

For you are the ones who make us who we are,
with your wisdom, love, and grace.

And in our hearts, you’ll always be,
the light that shines in every place.


A teacher who’s more than just a guide,
with wisdom, knowledge, and a heart so wide.

A mentor who shows us what’s right,
and leads us to a future so bright.

With patience, kindness, and a gentle hand,
you help us understand and take a stand.

For the things that matter, for what’s true,
and help us see the world, anew.

You make learning a joy, a delight,
and teach us to always do what’s right.

With laughter and love, you make each day,
a journey we’re proud to be on in every way.

So here’s a thank you, from the bottom of our hearts,
for being a teacher who truly imparts.

Wisdom, kindness, and love so rare,
and a future so bright, beyond comparison.

Thank you, dear teachers, for all you do,
for inspiring us and seeing us through.

We are forever grateful, now and always,
for having the teacher like you in our lives.


Life is a book with many twists and turns,
a journey filled with ups and downs,

With chapters that make us learn and grow,
and help us find the way to go.

It starts with innocence, a blank first page,
with endless possibilities and a future unshaped,

We write our own story as we move along,
and add memories that make us strong.

The ups are filled with laughter and delight,
with moments that make everything seem bright.

The downs are tough, but we carry on,
and find the courage to keep going strong.

And as we reach each new chapter in our life,
we learn from the past and welcome the strife,

We grow and we change, with each page we turn,
and with each experience, our book begins to burn.

So cherish each moment, with joy or with pain,
for life is a book, with memories to gain,

And as we turn the page to the final chapter,
we’ll look back on our journey, with pride and laughter.

Father’s Love

A father’s love is strong and true,
a guiding light to help us through.

He teaches us to be kind and fair,
and shows us how much he truly cares.

His gentle touch, his warm embrace,
make our hearts feel safe and in place.

He always knows just what to say,
to lift us up and brighten our day.

With his words of wisdom and his strength,
he shows us how to go the extra length,
to persevere and reach our goals,
and never give up on our souls.

He’s the one who makes us feel secure,
the one who shows us how to endure,
through life’s challenges, big and small,
he’s always there to help us stand tall.

So let’s cherish our fathers, far and near,
and thank them for all they do, year after year,
for they’re the ones who shape us and mold,
into the amazing people, we grow old.


Zainab Bilal is visually impaired since birth because of Retinopathy of Prematurity (RoP). She is one of first few students of Special Education Needs Department at DPS Srinagar, which has been rechristened as Learning Resource Centre. Presently, she regular classes with 8th Class students in DPS, Srinagar.

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