Muslim family assaulted by Hindutva men, pregnant woman suffers miscarriage

A screenshot shows Mohammad Imran's pregnant sister trying to save her brother from a Hindu mob in Narsapur.

Telangana: A councilor from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was one of 11 Hindu right-wing men named in a police report for violently assaulting a Muslim man, his pregnanat sister and his mother in Telangana state.

In a disturbing video of the incident, a mob of saffron-clad men can be seen assaulting the man, Imran, and forcefully stripping him after knocking him down. His mother and sister can be seen attempting to save him, receiving blows from the Hindu extremists as well.

Imran’s sister later suffered a miscarriage, which police refused to link to the violent mob attack.

The attack was orchestrated by a Hindu man, Lingam, who had gotten into an argument with Imran earlier that day, resulting in Imran hitting him with a sandal. Lingam later returned to launch a full-blown assault on Imran and his family with a Hindu extremist mob, which included a local BJP leader.

Shockingly, though all 11 Hindu extremists were booked in police reports, only Imran has been arrested.

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