WHO probe flags 20 products in India, Indonesia linked to 300 deaths

World Health Organisation building. [File Photo]

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has identified 20 such deadly drugs with origins in India and Indonesia that have been linked to over 300 international deaths so far as a result of tainted cough syrups.

WHO official Christian Lindmeier stated in response to an email from The Indian Express that these 20 goods were produced by “15 different manufacturers” in the two nations.

Cough medication, paracetamol, and vitamins are all available as syrups. These would comprise the 15 tainted syrups that were previously discovered, seven of which were produced in India by the firms Maiden Pharmaceuticals in Haryana (four), Marion Biotech in Noida (two), and QP Pharmachem in Punjab (one). The rest were made in Indonesia.

Earlier in March, the WHO said that contaminated cough syrup made by an Indian company has been found in the Marshall Islands and Micronesia. The statement came after a spate of child deaths linked to other syrups in some countries last year.

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